Initial Consultation

You may or may not know me.

So, why not, book a free initial consultation and let's get to know each other?


The consultation takes into consideration what it is you wish to achieve in your business.


We will discuss your motivation, skills, and goals.


As a result, I will write a report highlighting the options I feel are available to you and what I can assist you with in the future.


I offer affordable rates commensurate with the commitment desired by you, we will agree the rates at this meeting.

It is then up to you to decide whether or not you wish to proceed.


There is no hard sell. 





  • I believe that independent businesses are fundamental to the success of an economy.
  • I appreciate their problems, having been in business myself.
  • I am not allied with any commercial body and therefore, I am truly impartial.
  • I offer commitment and integrity, whether you require analytical input and advice, or coaching and mentoring.





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